Casino Gaming Equipment Accessories

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Jumbo Index Playing Cards - £2.99 per pack


Six Pack Card Shoe - £30.00


12g Poker Chips - £3.25 per roll

High quality 12g poker chips made from high grade ABS composite material (25 per roll). Choose either diamond, dice or suited.Suited-Poker-Chips.jpg

Twist Numbered Casino Chips - £4.25 per roll

These 12g chips are numbered on both sides for frequent home users who clearly want to see the chip value. They are the same size as standard chips used in casinos in the UK. They are smoothly finished and very comfortable to handle with a good feel to the weight.


Custom Printed Chips - £0.57p each

Full printed ceramic poker chips to suit your needs. Send us your artwork or we will help you design your chips. The design is not a label or a sticker, its printed directly onto the chip. Minimum order amount 500 chips (£285.00).


500 Chip Case - £20.00

500 chip capacity soft lined aluminium chip case (Contents not included).


Blackjack Layout - £45.00

Casino grade layouts for Blackjack, Craps, Poker and Roulette. Choice of colours, custom printing available. Ring for a quote.


Roulette Win Markers - £5.00

Acrylic roulette win markers, three styles.